Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nokia 1616 Dead Solution

Nokia 1616 Dead Solution

To Day I share you how to repair nokia 1616 dead phone.  I have an excellent idea to bellow: may be many reason of dead problem there are for software problem, broken battery connector, missing power button ways, creating carbon in the motherboard, sort circuit any parts of short network IC Etc.  Lets go how to solved it or how to repair it.

At first See the image of mobile phone :

nokia 1616 dead solution

See the Image bellow :
step 1

Nokia 1616 Dead problem

step 2

Nokia 1616 Dead Solution
 step 3

Nokia 1616 Dead found

How to done this work :

  if you don’t know this problem, then at first try to identify what is your mobile problem, or hardware problem  or software problem , if you know this problem, Exam: software problem,  then you can flash your mobile phone,  or if you thinking it’s hardware problem, please clear your phone board with contact cleaner. If its not work then first check battery connector, if its not next check power button, its not next check full motherboard have any carbon or draft on the board then clean full PCB and next check short circuit on the motherboard or any parts.  If you can this work I hope you will repair its successfully done.

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